Divorce & Separation

Entitlement to divorce is based on one ground only, namely irretrievable breakdown of marriage.  Matrimonial legislation then sets out the five alternative bases by which you can establish that breakdown.  We can advise you regarding your rights here, as well as prepare and pursue the necessary proceedings for you.  We can also assist with possible alternatives to divorce, including judicial separation and annulment, if these are relevant to your particular circumstances. 

There are practical and immediate consequences where couples decide to separate.  Divorce itself may not be appropriate or a priority.  We can advise and assist you regarding a range of issues surrounding separation itself.  This could relate for example to problems of domestic violence or financial implications.  There could be disagreements or concerns about residence or contact issues in relation to your children.

If we can help further, please contact us on: 01923 234607 or email Jeremy Cox to arrange an appointment.