There are three main phases in a typical sale transaction:

  1. Before contract:  We review the property you intend to sell and make sure that you have what is called “good and marketable title” (e.g. you are the owner, you are entitled to sell and there is no reason to prevent the transaction proceeding).  We submit a contract to the buyer’s solicitors and consider any amendment they seek to make.  We also answer any enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitors.

  2. Exchange:  When the terms of the contract have been agreed with you and your buyer can proceed, we are ready to exchange contracts on your behalf.  Once contracts have been exchanged, you are legally committed to selling the property and the buyer is legally bound to purchasing it (at the price stated in the contract).

  3. Completion:  After exchange, we make arrangements for completion.  Completion is when the buyer provides the final funds, the legal title in the property is transferred, you must move out and the buyer is entitled to possession of the property.

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